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About Brandon Krazinski

Brandon is an American artist who is interested in the obsessive traits of American consciousness. Brandon questions the rigidity of the American sense of self by amplifying the obsessions of everyday life. He seeks to magnify and objectify abandoned fragments of our social and individual selves, thereby releasing the layers of eros and beauty that lie beneath.


Brandon uses the tangible and the conceptual materials of everyday life and presents them in iterations that manipulate and question the relationship between their perceived power and the viewer’s tacit agreement. He is particularly interested in uncovering repressed forces that lie just beneath the surface of the cultural milieu. Many of Brandon’s methods seek to shatter these surfaces and release these objects from their ascribed meaning. In this release, cultural and personal power is returned to the viewer in a fresh and novel manner.


Brandon was born in Elmira, NY, in 1981.  He received a BFA from Rochester Institute Of Technology, in Rochester, NY and a MS in Art Education from Elmira College, in Elmira, NY.  He currently lives and works in Upstate, NY.

Krazinski’s emerging work has been shown in several group exhibitions, and solo shows throughout Central New York and in New York City.